Quality through research and development

Rolling Tools produces high-quality threading dies through a consolidated and innovative production process, in which all phases are characterised by utmost accuracy and precision, as they are subject to continuous strict controls.

At Rolling Tools, quality is obtained through the joint efforts of all the company departments to achieve full customer satisfaction, a strategic element of primary importance to sustain a worldwide competition.

The Rolling Tools Quality System influences and determines the actions of each individual activity of the production process, from the strict selection of raw materials to industrial logistics.


Thanks to a modern and up to date information system, each stage of the manufacturing process is properly monitored and recorded so that the Rolling Tools products are properly manufactured according to company standards and all technical specifications provided by the customer. Process planning and control ensures steady and rapid communication between company departments to provide timely responses to customers.

For each tool made, both new and reground, Rolling Tools ensures full traceability over time for each stage of the process by means of appropriate marking.
The application of the Rolling Tools Quality System principles ensures full customer satisfaction through short delivery times and high level of reliability and performance of its products.

Rolling Tools has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification.