Materials and Treatments

Our experience in tool production, accumulated over the years, combined with a vast knowledge of the rolling process, allows us to support the customer in defining and implementing the best tool for their production.

Rolling Tools selects and uses high-speed steels (AISI M2 and AISI M42) and special alloys (HQC) from the leading European steel mills. The selection of suitable material for each tool means success in its final application. Rolling Tools has a large stock of materials to minimise delivery times for finished products.

The heat treatment process is considered fundamental and distinctive in the construction of tools that ensure high performance over time. Rolling Tools is active in the research and development of heat treatments that make it possible to enhance the features (core hardness, toughness and wear resistance) of the selected materials.


Moreover, thanks to the application of the latest coatings technologies, we have defined the most suitable surface treatments in accordance with materials used in customer applications, such as stainless steels, low carbon steels, titanium and special alloys. Our treatments make it possible to increase surface hardness up to suitable depths and protect tools from premature wear.

Rolling Tools has a modern metrological and hardness laboratory aimed at testing and tracing measurements carried out during the entire production process.


The mix between steel, heat and surface treatment gives Rolling Tools products high yields, whether new or reground.