Cylindrical rolls

Rolling Tools manufactures circular rolls for in or through-feed rolling to be used on 2 or 3 rolls machine.

In addition to circular rolls for conventional rolling machine, Rolling Tools manufactures thread and knurling rolls for FETTE, WAGNER, SACO, WINTER heads and more, used on multi-spindle lathes.

With twenty years of experience, we can perform all standard (ISO, UNC, UNF, TPN, MJ, etc.), custom made or special threads designed and developed by Rolling Tools; the use of CNC machines and top notch equipment ensure high accuracy and repeatability of our products over time.

On request, Rolling Tools can provide SRS circular rolls to considerably decrease machine set-up time; the SRS system gives a reference so every die can be soon used avoiding any traces research.

For all types of dies, we can perform the regrinding service in short time and with significant cost savings for our customers.

  • In-feed rolls
  • Anular rolls
  • Helical rolls/Fast Through-feed rolls
  • Knurling rolls
  • For worm screws
  • Straightening rolls