Planetary dies

Rolling Tools produces Planetary Dies for all sizes and types of machines available on the market.

Our Planetary Dies can be produced in AISI D2, HSS and special alloys (HQC) and then coated with specific treatments that make it possible to ensure long life and thus drastically reduce the tool cost for the customer.

As all the tools produced, Planetary Dies are manufactured using the latest CNC machine and are
subjected to strict controls at all phases of the production cycle, ensuring high quality products over time.

On request, Rolling Tools can provide planetary dies integrating the SRS system to considerably decrease machine set-up time.

Rolling Tools can perform the regrinding service for all types of planetary dies.

  • Planetary dies-Videx V30
  • Planetary dies-RUL/T2
  • Planetary dies-GR3 Anular
  • Planetary dies-SIMA RAP7
  • Planetary dies-GR2
  • Planetary dies-GR1